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String Theory for Dummies

String Theory for Dummies covers all of the major topics in string theory, from branes to supersymmetry to extra dimensions, and looks at how string theory may ultimately explain things such as dark matter, dark energy, black holes, and even their link to more speculative concepts such as parallel universes and time travel.

Statistical Thermodynamics

Nobel laureate's brilliant attempt to develop a simple, unified standard method of dealing with all cases of statistical thermodynamics — classical, quantum, Bose-Einstein, Fermi-Dirac, and more.The work also includes discussions of Nernst theorem, Planck's oscillator, fluctuations, the n-particle problem, problem of radiation, and much more.

Statistical Physics

Statistical physics is not a difficult subject, and I trust that this will not be found a difficult book. It contains much that a number of generations of Lancaster students have studiedwith me, as part of their physics honours degree work. A prerequisite is that the reader should have a working knowledge of basic thermal physics.

Solid-State Spectroscopy: An Introduction

In this text, new radiation sources like lasers and synchrotrons are discussed. It provides a description of the linear response together with the basic principles and the technical background for various scattering experiments. Fourier transform spectroscopy, pulsed and magnetic NMR techniques, photo-emission, and light and electron scattering are elucidated.

Special Relativity: An Introduction with 200 Problems and Solutions

The theory of Special Relativity, although a century old, it is still a theory which has yet a long way to go. Special Relativity is the ground on which Particle Physics and General Relativity are based and constitutes an everyday laboratory practice. It is therefore important that the new physicist will understand it properly and deeply, while at the same time will be able to use it effectively as a working tool.

Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting is written for physicists, environmental experts and lighting engineers. It is also suitable for undergraduate students in the fields of environmental science, electrical engineering and renewable energy.

Semiconductor Nanostructures

This multiauthor book written by world-wide recognized leaders of their particular fields and edited by the recipient of the Max-Born Award and Medal 2006 Professor Dieter Bimberg reports on the state of the art of the growing of quantum dots, the theory of self-organised growth, the theory of electronic and excitonic states, optical properties and transport in a variety of materials. The topics addressed in the book are the focus of research in all leading semiconductor and optoelectronic device laboratories of the world.

The Science of Color: Second Edition

Focusing on the principles and observations that are foundations of modern color science and written for a general scientific audience, this book broadly covers essential topics in the interdisciplinary field of colour, drawing from physics, physiology and psychology. The book begins by tracing scientific thinking about colour since the 17th century.

Atoms and Molecules in Strong External Fields

Proceedings of the April 1997 seminar. The designation strong fields applies to external static magnetic and/or electric fields that are sufficiently intense to cause alterations in atomic or molecular structure and dynamics. Thirty-eight contributions discuss the behavior and properties of atoms in

Schaum's Outlines, College Physics, Ninth Edition

Schaum's Outline of College Physics was designed to uniquely complement just such a course, whether given in high school or in college. The needed mathematical knowledge includes basic algebra, some trigonometry, and a tiny bit of vector analysis.

Soft Condensed Matter

Probably one of the most fashionable areas in the physical sciences today, Soft Condensed Matter provides an excellent introduction to the topic, and includes colloids, polymers, liquid crystals, and amphiphiles. It is suitable for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students of physics, chemistry, materials science and chemical engineering.

Relativity: The Special and General Theory

World-renowned theoretical physicist Albert Einstein was interested in explaining the theory of Relativity to people who were not especially well-versed in higher mathematic concepts and theoretical physics. His solution to this was to write the ground-breaking work, "Relativity: The Special and General Theory." In the paper, Einstein lays out two contradictory principles: a principle of relativity and a principle of light.

Relativity Demystified

This book helps readers learn relativity at the speed of light! Now anyone can grasp Einstein's great theory of relativity - without formal training, unlimited time, or a genius IQ. In "Relativity Demystified", theoretical physicists (and student-savvy authors) David McMahon and Paul Ansing provide an effective, illuminating, and entertaining way to learn the essentials and formulas of Einstein's theories.

Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological

This text is a considerable amplification and modernization of the authors' earlier Essential Relativity. It brings relativity alive conceptually and emphasizes the foundations and the logical subtleties rather than the mathematics or the detailed experiments. It includes 300 exercises and promotes a visceral understanding and the confidence to tackle any fundamental relativistic problem.

Relativistic Many-Body Theory: A New Field-Theoretical Approach

This book gives a comprehensive account of relativistic many-body perturbation theory, based upon field theory. After some introductory chapters about time-independent and time dependent many-body perturbation theory (MBPT), the standard techniques of S-matrix and Green’s functions are reviewed.

Principles of Quantum Mechanics, 2nd Edition

The postulates of quantum mechanics and the mathematical underpinnings are discussed in a clear, succint manner. American Scientist, from a review of the First Edition The author introduces major additions and updates key presentations in the long-awaited new edition of this classic text.

Quantum World of Nuclear Physics

This book presents a comprehensive explanation of the main ideas and principles of atomic and nuclear physics and quantum mechanics. The author invites readers to plunge into the physics of micro-objects and to take a fascinating tour of the world of atoms and nuclei.

Quà tặng diệu kỳ

“Quà tặng diệu kỳ” là một câu chuyện thú vị về cuộc hành trình gian nan của một chàng trai, khi phải đối diện với những thử thách, thất bại trong cuộc sống, đã cất công đi tìm món quà đặc biệt, một món quà bí ẩn và khó tìm.

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Đây là một quyển sách mang đến cho chúng ta những khái niệm mới về hiệu năng của con người và tổ chức trong xã hội mới, được Tiến sĩ Covey nghiên cứu một cách tỉ mỉ và khoa học. Mục đích của cuốn sách này là cung cấp cho bạn một tấm bản đồ chỉ đường nhằm giúp bạn thoát khỏi những nỗi đau và sự thất vọng.

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Trong "Tại sao phải hành động?", tác giả Teo Aik Cher chia sẻ với các bạn phương pháp hiệu quả, mạnh mẽ nhưng lại rất đơn giản để đặt ra và đạt được mục tiêu của mình. Với văn phong nhẹ nhàng, những hình ảnh minh họa dí dỏm và các câu chuyện thú vị, cuốn sách này phân tích tầm quan trọng của việc hành động cũng như các phẩm chất và kỹ năng cần thiết để đạt được thành công.